Dynamic Web Development – S12 – Schimmel


I will now focus primarily on the photography aspect of my website since I got input that my proposal was a bit too large/complicated.

I could bring in photo data like location, type of camera, subjects, content, aperture/shutter speed, scan size available, format… I could input the photos through my Flickr account and use the Flickr API for my database.


(Not sure about this, yet.)

From the class site, our assignment:

2. Post your project idea Write out what type of project you are interested in working on, it can be an existing project, something for another class or a brand new idea. Explain what it will do, who will be the user and what type of information will you be managing.

For my project, I would like to create a website that is (this sounds pretty conceited) all about me. I have shied away from having too much of a web presence, especially after my name appeared daily on the byline for the Magnum Photos-based slideshow I produced/photo-edited on ( I did that for about 5-6 years and hated the occasional scrutiny/hatred/vitriol I’d get on the site’s comment section because I am a very sensitive soul. To diminish any chance of anyone looking at my own photography/life and opening up myself to more scrutiny, I took my website down immediately after I read the first mean comment. Previously, it had a small click-through slideshow of my personal best work (photography), and not much else but some caption information. If someone Googled me and found my website “”, they’d just see “Hello World” on a blank white background. I loved that. I didn’t do it myself, of course, because otherwise, I wouldn’t be trying to take this class, but it was a friend’s idea. Later I realized that “Hello World” was a common thing in the world of web-dev learning.

Anyway, I would like to make a site that will inform anyone trying to look up information about me — in the way that I have designed. So much on the web is ugly, scattered, or chaotic, so I’d like to have a concise, sleek, and efficient site that lets me show who I am in the way that is really more personal and reflects me more than what “Mirror Me” presents. The site will ultimately include (at least I think so, right now) my work history (CV/portfolio with screenshots), my own personal photography throughout the years through a slideshow function with a shop/log-in function that will let them buy my work, my current work at ITP (linking and/or transferring this wordpress blog onto my site), a current/news portion that will let people who want to, subscribe to my rss feed and notify them of new posts, a section that tells people when and where I am showing my photography or other ITP-related works, and perhaps later on, when looking for a job, a blurb/bio about myself and what my professional goals are.

Potential users will hopefully be customers who want to buy prints of my photography or future ITP-related projects, web- or app-based, or physical.  I would be managing a storefront with the customer’s relevant paypal or other financial information, log-in, perhaps, session tracking data (what projects/photographs they look at the longest), and if they found out about me from some other site.