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Fun theory class 4 brief presentation.

Some very informal thoughts: Should we change the idea to a soap button-triggered pin ball machine? It would have to be a ball/drop system that would only work if the person was vigorously washing their hands(?). Motion- tracking the hands would involve a camera in the bathroom, though. Too complicated in physical-computing terms, in this timeframe.¬†Maybe it should be a Processing sketch of the randomly-set ball movements, and the mirror would not show until the sketch was over and the person was done vigorously washing their hands…(?) Motion-tracking would still have to be involved, though, to ensure that people were washing their hands for long enough and vigorously enough.


Problem: Lots of people (men especially) don’t wash their hands with soap after using facilities.

First sketch: Many people, don’t wash their hands with soap, especially at shared/public bathrooms.

Solution sketch: A mechanism to encourage people to wash their hands in shared bathrooms. There will be foot-paths that lead to the sink, that light up when the person follows/steps on them. If the person doesn’t step on the foot paths, and goes just to the door after finishing, there will be a sound that goes off saying, “Eew!” or “Really?!” If the the person goes to the sink, the mirror image shows an image of a seductive person that appears if the soap dispenser is dispensed, and the image slowly comes into focus the longer the person washes their hands with soap. When they are finished washing hands, the approach to the door is met with sounds of cheers. The door opening will be lighting up like a casino win or a pretty landscape or fantasy-like environment.

Problem: No one really likes mopping, and then the house gets dirty.

First sketch: The problem is that people don’t want to mop the floor.

Second sketch: Make mopping fun — happy music will play when the mop is used and moved around (the mop will be connected to the person’s iPod or mp3 player), and sad music will be turned on if it has been too long since the last mopping occurred. This idea needs more figuring out. Another variation would be to have the whole floor laden with sensors that would be activated when the mop touched the floor to do something like play happy music.