Mobile Web. Attempts at Javascript/CSS/HTML. Creating a page.

For this assignment, we were to play with DOM and Events in Javascript, and to make a page for the app we proposed. Here is what I worked on on the computer, before I tried it on my tablet.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m having a hard time slowing down enough to actually absorb what I’m learning, or maybe it’s the other way around… I have some different versions of what I tried to do for my first (attempt) at a mobile splash page.

screen shot of my tablet running the app

screen shot of my tablet running the app; this is where the image button I put in (the orange circle) directs to once pressed. It'll eventually (hopefully) direct to the next page, where the contacts will be chosen, for next time.

The "Get Contacts" button actually does work! But I will have to find a way to select and save a contact from a search, and add it to a list, next time.

Want to KIT button. This might not make it to the next round. It was just to play around with the button functionality and alerts, etc. But I made it have relevant prompts.

Want to KIT button functionality

The “Record a reminder” button doesn’t work. Nothing happened, even though I tried to put the call for it in the code. captureAudio did not seem to work, the way I did it. I need some help on how to move forward. Looking a bit shoddy at this point…

Link to my app.

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  1. Looks like you’re making good progress, Zena. Nice work and great documentation. 10/10

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