Mobile Web class. Firebug, Project Stages, Mock UI

I tried manipulating (through Firebug) a bunch of different versions of the Phonegap index.html. Here is what I ended up with.

playing with the Phonegap index.html

playing with the Phonegap index.html

This is what I started with:

Before editing in Firebug

Here is my Project Stages Outline.

Mobile Web App (KITer) Project Outline

(mockup to come)

Here is just a beginning of what I would like the app to look like. So many apps are dark and “slick”-looking that I wanted something a little more bright and happy looking. I think I don’t usually go for that, but I wanted to, here. I will still have to figure out, I think, what the rest of the pages will look like, but this is the general feel of the UI, right now, as visualized in Photoshop.

A mock -up of the first landing page, once the app is launched.

The second landing page, as I presume it might look

Mock-up of page to record your message to yourself.



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  1. Great job! App looks great and “stages” look well thought through. Keep it up!

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