Mobile Web class. Assignment 1 (ongoing)


I’ve gotten the app to work, after talking with Sean, I tried a bunch of different things, and it worked. But I am not quite sure which of these steps made the difference. First, I plugged in my Android tablet and tried to configure it. That didn’t do anything. Then, I tried to add a new Android Virtual Device. I did, and also made a new Android project, but those didn’t work. But I did get the same xlargeScreens error, so I deleted that line from the AndroidManifest. Then, I went back to my original code and pasted my html/css into the new test project, which didn’t work. So I just ran the original app and then it started to initialize and stall, showing the app that says simple ANDROID_. I exited that, but then there was an error saying I cancelled the process, so I started it again, since that was a different error than I had before. I waited and the app came up, finally! It’s very simple, but I have done it, and that feels pretty good.

Added image and changed h2 color to tan for better readability. Realized I had to drag the image into the phonegap library instead of the image folder I made in order for the image to actually show up.

the app for the 1st assignment, finished for the most part. 😉

Without image:




code/console updates

Here is some progress (of sorts) that I have made, trying to get this app to run. I added the html that I want, tested it in TextMate, it ran fine on the browser (Chrome), so then I inserted it into the <body> tags in the PhoneGap index.html. Let me say that at first, I couldn’t get PhoneGap to run again, even though it had run in class. Here are some screenshots of my struggle. I will have to work on this more through the morning.

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  1. Good writeup of your homework. In the future I’d also like you to upload your app project in a zip file so I can test it on my end. 9/10

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