Intro to Physical Computing – Final Project documentation (ONGOING)

For our Intro to Physical Computing project, Gavin Hackeling and I are working together on an application that will allow for a camera on a mobile device to track an image (as a fiduciary) on a screen or paper or etching (or any surface) and let the user touch the device’s touch screen to manipulate the image otherwise. In the three demonstrations we have developed to show the application’s possibilities, we have one image that will drag across the screen via the user’s touch on their touch-screen device, one image that lets the user draw red lines on it in the same manner, and in the third demonstration, we fabricated a box with an etching on its top, that when the user touches their screen at particular coordinates, in a particular sequence, the box will open from within and close itself after a few second delay.

Here is some documentation of the fabrication of that box, in its first stages, and a photo from the ITP Winter Show 2011 taken by one of the people who liked it, who is also an ITP alum.

this is an instagram that one of our showgoers took for us and posted on twitter. At ITP Winter Show 2011.

this is something put together to show people where the points and sequence of touches need to be in order for the box to open. the idea is that the user alone knows what the gesture is so that the box will open.


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