Monthly Archives: November 2011

I tried to use textWidth() but it didn’t seem to work any way I put it. I ask tried to use textLeading, and I think that may be working but I’m not sure! This was a lot harder than I thought it would be because of the loadStrings loading a txt or url. If I had been able to use the whole text within the sketch code itself, it would have been a lot easier.


I am working with Jee Won Kim and doing a stop motion animation of a toiletry fantasy land. I will post our storyboard here later. Here is a preview. We worked for almost 13 hours straight on Monday, November 7, 2011. I think we have enough for a minute-long animation short.

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ICM midterm F11. Sheep and Sleep for the Insomniac.
I had an idea to create a sketch that would encourage people who have trouble sleeping to get sleepy while they put this program on near their bedside. I used OpenCV for the first time, but I did not use any of the fancier tools it provides, like face/blob tracking. That will hopefully come into play later.I had a really hard time with trying to get the image file to move, but I finally got it to work, thankfully. But since I implemented the opencv, the speed at which the sheep moves is really slow, so I amped it up in the code about 700%!

Because of the file attachment and web-cam use with the OpenCV, I could not publish this on Open Processing, unfortunately. I will show it in class on my computer.