Physical computing. Servo Lab.

Servo Motor Control with an Arduino

I am posting this lab from week 4 a little late.

There were a series of problems I had once I followed the lab instructions. The sensor’s analog value turned out to definitely not be 0-1023. It turned out to work best (after my other discovery below) at a value of 0-700.

The other problem I had was that I had placed my pin for the sensor to be A1 because that is the way the picture showed it. But the written directions were to stick the pin in A0, and the programming code reflected that. I was wondering why the servo was not turning much at all and I finally looked over everything after trying out different analog values and it turned out to be that the sensor was still reading something at the A1 pin, but it needed to be in the A0 pin. Interesting.



Here is the video of my “creative” interpretation of the lab. A mini surrender/”I’m sorry” flag wave.


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