CommLab V+A. Storyboard, “Angie and the Balloon” short film

My teammates for the short film we made were Tiffany Chou, Sara alBassam, and Angela Bond (our actress in the film) . We started off with the idea of making a film centered around a single person, a female, inspired by the film Amelie. I brought up the idea of having the character coming across a balloon that had been dropped by a parent or clown/performer from a bag of balloons (this latter part was cut out in the film, even though I thought it would be important to show that she wasn’t a total weirdo!), and the character would see it dropped, pick it up, blow it up, struggle with tying it. The balloon would be filmed flying away, and she would finally have the balloon tied up. I then brought up the idea that she happens to draw a smiley face on the balloon. She would then play with it for a while, but it would get stuck in a tree. As she struggles to get it out of the tree, she looks for anyone to help her. The person that she asks for help is the man of her dreams and she and he instantly fall in love, walking away together as the camera pans up toward the smiley face balloon in the tree. What we added as we were filming was the bike element — they end up riding a bike together (she on the handlebars) and that is the last shot, instead of the balloon in the tree only. I think it turned out great. Our “dreamy dude” was Angela’s real boyfriend and fellow ITP first year Mick. He was the one with the bike and also the tattoo of a bike on his hand, which is a nice touch, I think.

Here are the storyboards that Tiffany sketched after our original sketches that we flushed out together.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I really enjoyed this process and getting to know my teammates. I think we worked well together, especially while we were editing the story in Final Cut Pro. I think we learned that in the future, it would totally be worth it to wait to shoot the outdoor scenes on a nice, cloudy day — not sunny, not partly cloudy, etc. That really affected the shoot, but we did the best we could with the patchy cloud/sun we had. We decided to use the power of color and saturation to show how happy she is that she has a balloon friend, by singling the balloon out to be in color, and the rest of the scenes would be a brownish-white. We upped the color, contrast, and saturation in the last scenes when she meets Mick and thereafter to show that they are blissed out happy.

Here is the film!


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