Stupid Pet Trick concept

stupid pet trick concept
“Shockwave”-type carnival game

supplies needed:
*BX/AC electrical wire
*junction box/shield
*mounting screws
*more hookupwire
*junction box bottom
*weights (for the box to act as a stand)
*eye bolt
*wooden dowel
*electrical tape
*multi-position switch

Carnival game — The concept is to make a game where a player would try to trace the spiral (made of BX wire) with the dowel/wand with metal end. They would have to set their proficiency level with the switch, first — easy (15 seconds), kinda hard (10 seconds), very hard (5 seconds). If they succeed without touching the wire during the time limit, all the lights (maybe five) would light up in a jaunty fashion. If they fail and touch the wire within the time limit, the sad buzzer would sound. I’d make a spiral with the BX wire, mount it to the junction box, hook up the wire to the ground screw on the junction box, fill the box with weights, and screw it shut. I would screw the eye bolt into the dowel and attach the hookup wire to the bolt and wrap the dowel with electrical tape if I wanted to.  I would have to program the Arduino to respond to the different time constraints with the switch, as well as program it to light up the LEDs if the player wins (does not touch the wire). Then I would program it to sound the buzzer if the player touches the wire (closing a circuit). I think I will need help doing this programming, but I will try to do it on my own, first.


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