Signs that could use some improvement

For our week 2 assignment, we gathered pictures of examples of bad signage. Here is what I would do to improve these signs. (The thing is that I kind of like these because they are so earnest.)

Photo, Perfume, Beauty Supplies

Photo, Perfume, Beauty Supplies, and so much more!

This sign for Photo and Beauty Supplies says so much! But maybe too much, too literally? The sign lists about 20 services/products in just the bigger letters, and much more in smaller signs in the window. The colors pop, but maybe the sign(s) could use just two, to keep it less busy. There are a lot of different fonts (is it referred to as fonts in signage?) The problem with this store is that I guess it offers so many products/services that are not very often grouped together in one store, that there is no real template or easily recognizable way for them to succinctly market themselves in a sign. Like the fellow in class said last week in relation to the example of the copy-fax-postage storefront, in New York, places like that and this are all undoubtedly examples of bad signage, but they get their point across well, anyway… there is some kind of local adherence to the frenetic way sign-makers, consumers, and owners understand each other… perhaps.

Grilled sandwich, hot tea, fried chicken, donuts, etc...

Grilled sandwich, hot tea, fried chicken, donuts, etc...

This place was mesmerizing! I particularly love the bucket of chicken photo pasted in there on the red background. This place, from what I gather, is a restaurant that serves grilled sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In this same place AFC serves fried chicken, and some other accompaniments (I would list them but the signage is too small right there). In this same establishment lives Donut Connection, where Hershey’s ice cream is served, along with coffee, bagel, donuts, and muffins. The main idea, though, from what I gathered from the condensed side view of the awning, closest to the building wall, is that the AFC serves fried chicken and a donut connection. There was also a blinking and scripted electronic sign that would flash, rather flashily, items on their menu, such as DonuT, Hot Tea, Lunch, etc.

I feel that this sign is also struggling to get across the idea that it is not a traditional one-off type of establishment. It is offering a variety of products that are not traditionally grouped together, so they feel the need to list everything they have on their outdoor signage. I sympathize with their problem, but I would say, again, that maybe they should streamline their menu and serve something as a main attraction, rather than everything at once and confusing prospective customers.



This LOCO 99 CRAZY 99 LOCO 99, on second thought, is not really all that bad! I totally understand that it is an incredibly — loco — cheap $.99 (y mas) store. I guess I would say that they needn’t have added the “subtitles” of school, baby, gift, detergent, cosmetic, house wear & much more. Those are all typically found in most $.99 stores, and they needn’t have cluttered up their sign with that unnecessary information.

The South Side Auto Parts sign makes sense, looking at it a second time around… The colors all mean something and they convey useful information for people looking to find a place that will service their particular make of automobile. But I still think they used too many colors — they should subtract two. Also, they could have refrained from capitalizing every Word in their “subtitles” — it looks awkward.

South Side Auto Parts and MORE!

South Side Auto Parts and MORE!


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