SoundScape – CommLab Video & Sound Week 2

Allison and I went out to record sounds around the NYU area. We recorded sounds on Broadway, Waverly, and Washington Square Park. This assignment called for us to work in pairs… we definitely collaborated together to record certain sounds and we discussed our approach to how we wanted to mix and layer them together. We ended up with two very different sound pieces. Mine is very much a collage of the sounds, but it is very minimally manipulated. I only changes the levels a bit on the band recording to make it a little louder. Allison chose to use a lot of the tools in the Effects menu of Audacity to manipulate the sounds more and create very different characters for them. The listener can tell that we recorded the same type of material. I think it is fascinating how we interpreted the assignment and the sounds themselves differently.

Here is my soundscape piece.

Here is the mp3 on Allison’s blog.

Sorry, I cannot post mp3s here without an upgrade.


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